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Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi celebration

For the first time in Singapore, the German and the Spanish Speaking Communities here held a procession of the Blessed Sacrament on the gardens of Maris Stella Convent (FMM) and Kindergarten on the feast of Corpus Christi.

The Eucharistic event took place June 10 at the initiative of both Communities. They shared a concelebrated Mass, presided by the 2 Chaplains, Fr Hans and Fr Joe Lopez. The Mass was celebrated in English, with readings and songs in German and Spanish.

“It was a good experience to celebrate mass in three languages and come to know each others’ songs and traditions”, said Annika. The Germans provided a very international band, and the Latinos offered good quality in their songs led by Marisa. “Swiss brass music and Spanish guitar sounds – this was fabulous”, said Rita.

The curiosity reached its summit when Fr Hans baptized Carmen during the same Mass, a baby born recently from a German father and a Spanish mother. The occasion could not have been better. The father is not a Catholic yet, but enjoyed the whole ceremony and both congregations offered their prayers for them.


“In our countries of origin is a common practice”, said Fr Joe. “We have beautiful songs for this occasion, and we carry the Blessed sacrament in procession through the main streets of our cities. The whole city becomes the temple, and we show the Lord our houses and offices. People embellish streets, and children pour petals of flowers. We tried to do the same today. We took the monstrance from the Chapel after the Mass, and we went in procession with the Spanish Choir, and the German band. Children really enjoyed the prayers, songs, and benediction in each altar. They showed their gratitude with a great amount of flowers. I think it is important that we do not lose these centennial traditions.”


“It was great. It is the first time a see a procession outside the Church”, said one of the Mexican boys.

Thomas, a Swiss working in Singapore, said: “This brought back memories of my childhood in Switzerland: At Corpus Christi, we walked through the streets and fields from altar to altar and enjoyed looking at the beautiful flower carpets in front of them.”

We also had in mind the Holy Father’s words several days before (in Rome Corpus Christi was celebrated on Thursday).  “We bring Christ, present in the form of the bread, along the streets of our city. We entrust these streets, these houses, our daily lives, to His goodness. May our streets be Jesus' streets! May our houses be for Him and with Him! May our daily lives be penetrated by His presence. With this gesture we place the suffering of the sick, the solitude of the young and the old, temptations and fears, all our lives, under His gaze. This procession seeks to be a great and public blessing for our city. Christ in person is the divine blessing for the world - may the rays of His blessing extend over us all."

At the end, the celebration finished with the sharing of another kind of food. You could find any Latino or German or Swiss delicacy. “I enjoyed the food from different Spanish- and German-speaking countries and the opportunity to come together and get to know each other. After all, we are using the same chapel for Sunday Mass!”, said Klaus (German)